Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Life >>> Death >>> Rebirth

I finally have reached a personal breaking point in my life. I was recently very very sick for a couple of months and recovered from gallbladder surgery which was complete hell, only to go find a fucking mess and just another waste of my life who squeezed my heart till it popped in a red ruin and friends who were never really mine to begin with topped with lies upon lies upon lies. There are oh so many people that can go fuck themselves and leave me the fuck alone.

At least the masquerade has ended and I am finally left with reality.
And believe me, it's fucking ugly as hell.
But at least it's REAL.
I am raw with a rage inside that scares me sometimes.

I am not a saint and no more will I attempt to be.
I don't fucking give a shit what anyone thinks about me.
I am wild and unafraid of whatever may come.
I find a lot more things really, really funny.
I have this craving passion for life and creation that I've never felt before.
Frowning up.

This is a new beginning.
As person.
As an artist.
As me.

This blog is
for me to express my thoughts, ideas, art, and projects. If you don't have anything nice to say, kindly click your fucking back button and don't dirty up my little space on the net with your negative bullshit.